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The Future of SAP Payroll

I've been working with SAP's payroll since 1993. When I was trained, R3 didn't really exist so I was trained on R2 payroll - oh, those were the green screen days. And I was around to see and participate in the development and roll out of R3 payroll for the US. Oh, those were some days.... So now with the end of R3 coming in 2025 (as announced so far), and everything moves to SuccessFactors except payroll (I don't count EC Payroll as a cloud offering since it's a dressed up R3 Payroll), people wonder just what is up with the he future of SAP Payroll. It's a good question.

Future Payroll – A New Payroll Architecture

I like SAP R3 payroll, with all its strengths and weaknesses. But I’m ready – the industry and customers are ready – for a new payroll. I’m calling it Future Payroll.

Future Payroll has to be new, from the ground up. R3’s foundation of schemas, rules and wagetypes is great. It’s powerful when you know how to use it, but it’s also antique compared to what we have available today. Maybe more important than the technical foundation is what the business value, the end-result needs to look like.

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