Welcome to Insight Consulting Partners

Welcome to Insight Consulting Partners

With more than 20 years of experience in working with companies using SAP HR/Payroll we provide business solutions that generate exceptional bottom-line impact.

We've helped major Fortune 50 companies transform their HR technology landscape. We've advised and mentored HR and IT leaders. And we've provided production support for customers so that they can focus on value-added activities. With over 20 years of experience, we've done a lot for our customers - how can we help you?

Housekeeping for SAP Payroll

Every system creates data that, after a while, you just don't need. And all that data can make things run slower too - so it's good to do some housekeeping now and then. Clear out that old data that you don't need and freshen up the place. And, do it automatically. Here are a few tips for doing that in SAP Payroll:

All about Payroll

This one is all about payroll in SAP and SuccessFactors - on-premise payroll, Employee Central Payroll and Managed Payroll. We also talk about Payroll Control Center, Time Evaluation and the choices customers face with all this.

The Myth of the Talent Shortage

Jon Reed of Diginomica joins us for this discussion on the myth of the talent shortage. We hear it all the time - there is a talent shortage. But is there really? Or is it that employers are not creative enough in their search for talent? Maybe there are other factors at work - listen in an let us (Steve Bogner, Sharon Newton, Amy Grubb, Martin Gillet and Mark Ingram) know what you think about this. Myth, or not?


Using Leverage

With the growth of Employee Central and the decline of on-premise SAP HR, there are a lot of companies in the process of replacing their HR systems. Those who are not actively in that process are actively contemplating it. And the opportunities for improving your HR/Payroll operations haven't been so numerous since the last time you implemented systems. So take advantage of it!