Welcome to Insight Consulting Partners

Welcome to Insight Consulting Partners

With more than 20 years of experience in working with companies using SAP HR/Payroll we provide business solutions that generate exceptional bottom-line impact.

We've helped major Fortune 50 companies transform their HR technology landscape. We've advised and mentored HR and IT leaders. And we've provided production support for customers so that they can focus on value-added activities. With over 20 years of experience, we've done a lot for our customers - how can we help you?


Insight integrates our experience in SAP HR with HR/Payroll business practice expertise to deliver deep knowledge and understanding to our clients. This pairing of system and business expertise enables us to provide superior results. Our services are tailord to our clients' needs, and we approach each client relationship as a partnership, working to deliver superior value in every engagement.

Typical results for our clients include:

  • Clarity in HRIS strategy and initiatives
  • Data for analysis and decision-making that provides value and insight for the whole organization
  • Increased productivity and effectiveness in people, processes and technology
  • Less mystery and more mastery of HR system functionality
  • Objective evaluations of projects, strategy, technology and capabilities
  • Meaningful connections and relationships with other clients and consulting partners
  • Reliable technical processes and staff who understand the correct way of doing things in the system

The Risk in Status Quo

For a lot of core-HR systems, we spend significant effort getting them installed and running well. And then we stabilize them, which is good for many reasons. We can minimize disruption to the end-users, we can redeploy resources to other projects, among others.

Good Practices for SuccessFactors HCM Projects

In this podcast Steve Bogner, Luke Marson, Mark Ingram and Jarret Pazahanick talk about good practices for implementing SuccessFactors HCM. The discussion was recorded in two parts - first with Steve, Luke and Mark and then with Steve and Jarret (at minute 26:00 or so). It turns out that many good practices for SuccessFactors are the same as for any other HCM project... but there are some differences.


Like a box of chocolates

Over the years I've had the experience of buying a few used cars. I’ll borrow and tweak Forrest Gump’s catchy line: buying a used car is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you're gonna get. At least not until you have it and drive it for a while. The first car I bought was great off the lot, and then proceeded to need a lot of repairs. The second car drove like the champ it still is. Last week I bought another one and, well we don’t yet know how this one will turn out. Another month or two will tell us how we fared.