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Using Leverage

With the growth of Employee Central and the decline of on-premise SAP HR, there are a lot of companies in the process of replacing their HR systems. Those who are not actively in that process are actively contemplating it. And the opportunities for improving your HR/Payroll operations haven't been so numerous since the last time you implemented systems. So take advantage of it!

Governance and Change Management With SAP SuccessFactors HCM

Governance and change management are as important as ever with SAP SuccessFactors HCM. Just because it's cloud software doesn't mean you can dial back on these things - in fact, we feel they might be more important than in the on-premise days (quarterly releases!). Join Steve Bogner, Brandon Toombs, Amy Grubb, Mark Ingram, Sven Ringling and Martin Gillet as they dive into these topics and more.

First - Think Big

It happens all the time, and has happened for years. When a customer is evaluating new HR/Payroll software they ask questions in terms of how they do things today. In today's terms. Will the new software allow us to do 'x' in process 'y'? Maybe because the current software platform had to be customized to do 'x' and we want to make sure the new software can do that too. Or, maybe because that is all we know to ask, to frame questions in terms of what the current system does. Regardless, that approach misses a lot of opportunity.

Ideas on structuring your cloud HCM support model

In this podcast the team talk about how support models differ for SuccessFactors and cloud compared to on-premise. Is there an ideal support model? How do roles and responsibilities change for HR, IT and Finance? How does a company’s relationship with consulting partners and outsourcing firms change? Join Steve Bogner, Amy Grubb, Sharon Newton, Sven Ringling, Martin Gillet and Luke Marson as we discuss this and more - including our new listener feedback contest!

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