Insight integrates our experience in SAP HR with HR/Payroll business practice expertise to deliver deep knowledge and understanding to our clients. This pairing of system and business expertise enables us to provide superior results. Our services are tailord to our clients' needs, and we approach each client relationship as a partnership, working to deliver superior value in every engagement.

Typical results for our clients include:

  • Clarity in HRIS strategy and initiatives
  • Data for analysis and decision-making that provides value and insight for the whole organization
  • Increased productivity and effectiveness in people, processes and technology
  • Less mystery and more mastery of HR system functionality
  • Objective evaluations of projects, strategy, technology and capabilities
  • Meaningful connections and relationships with other clients and consulting partners
  • Reliable technical processes and staff who understand the correct way of doing things in the system

In addition to our tailored services for specific client needs, we have four general service offerings:

Insight for Leaders

We provide mentoring and advisory services for HR and IT leaders to help them achieve their goals. This could take the form of providing independent advice on large projects, helping to plan or govern a system roll-out or business acquisition, or assistance with roadmap development. When you need help determining what to do and how to do it, this is the service for you.

Insight for Projects

Insight Consulting Partners can provide consulting resources to help you implement projects. We can provide functional or technical consultants as needed, remote and on-site. Our focus is on helping your group get the work done.

Insight Performance

Do you have the feeling that your system just isn't working right? That things should work better, smoother, faster, cheaper? Maybe your implementation project was tough, or three releases ago, and you know that the system has more to offer but not sure where to start? Insight Performance is for these situations: our consultants will evaluate your system, processes, practices and staff and provide recommendations on how to get more value and performance from what you already have.

Insight Support

Sometimes your staff needs help with production support, or to backfill existing staff so that they can move on to other projects. Our consultants can provide production support, fitting into your organization, using your support process or ours.

Feel free to contact us with the form below for more information or to be contacted about any of our services.